Symptoms of Anxiety

Is your chest tight often?

Do you have a tingling sensation in various parts of your body not explained by medical conditions?

Does what feels like the smallest thing set you off?

Do you constantly feel on edge?

Is there a pit in your stomach?

Is your body often tense?

Do you struggle falling or staying asleep?

Do you approach each day with a sense of doom?

There is hope! If you identify with these symptoms, please let your doctor know and get a full check up. Did you know many issues related to anxiety feel like having a heart attack? That is why it’s so important to first get a medical evaluation. If your heart is healthy, then it’s time to have a closer look at how anxiety is affecting you.

Everyone has anxiety. It helps protect humans from immediate danger, such as seeing a lion in a jungle.   When is anxiety a problem? When there is no immediate danger and the symptoms of anxiety exist and get in the way of your home, work, school, or social functioning. When you are no longer living the life you want to live and feel enslaved to your anxiety, it’s time to do something.

If you struggle with anxiety, a tool you can try is journaling. Write down what your worries, anxieties, and fears are before going to bed. This can help to both acknowledge and release pint up thoughts, feelings, memories and urges.   After a week, look back at your list and see how many of them actually came true.   You might be surprised!

Our clients’ are learning new skills in each group to learn how to life they life they desire in spite of their worries, anxieties and fears (WAF.’s). You can too. Call today for a confidential free assessment to see if our Intensive Outpatient Program for Anxiety is right for you. 913.768.6606. It’s time to stop striving and start living again!

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  1. Thanks for your question. Generalized Anxiety Disorder includes overall feelings of anxiety and worry throughout the day in a variety of situations. These thoughts and feelings create a cycle of constant and uncontrollable anxiety, worry and fear. Feelings may include being judged or criticized, feel overly and uncontrollably worried, becoming easily tired, fatigued, irritable, unable to concentrate, constantly feel stuck, worthless, or depressed are some symptoms one might exercise with Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

    Social Anxiety Disorder is the fear being judged or noticed in social situations in an unreasonable way
    One may find yourself suddenly intensely but unknowingly fearful and begin sweating, shaking, unable to breath, feeling dizzy and/or numb, begin avoiding certain people or places for fear of another attack and constantly feel stuck, worthless, or depressed.

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