Client Shares Journey to Help Others…

About The Anxiety Center at Renew Intensive Outpatient Program.

I would say do it! It is worth the time and effort, and it is definitely an example of short term pain for long term gain. It is certainly a sacrifice, but you are worth it. And so are your loved ones and your goals and values. I would encourage you to challenge yourself as much as you can (and more than you think you can or feel comfortable with). Imagine you are in a fight for your life, against anxiety/OCD or whatever it is you’re struggling with. Give it all you’ve got, and fight to win. This is such a beautiful opportunity and an amazing environment to grow, learn, and heal. You are with others that understand the way you think/feel, and they empathize with your pain. Be vulnerable, because it takes the power away from the shame, and it helps someone else to know they are not alone. This is a safe place to challenge your unhealthy mindsets/behaviors. ~ Grace

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