More Details on the Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Group


Thank you for your interest in The Anxiety Center at Renew! Childhood and the teenage years are full of new, (sometimes) frightening experiences and events. Some children learn to confront and accept these fears. However, an anxiety disorder can make it difficult or impossible for a child to cope which is hard on the whole family. We know it can take a lot of courage for you and your teen to reach out for help. We’d be honored to meet you and decide together if our evidence-based approach will help instill your adolescent with the competence and confidence to advance their own well-being while managing their anxiety symptoms.

After extensive research on effective therapies and adolescent development we created the 2tents IOP (Teens Engaging New Tactical Skills Intensive Outpatient Program). We believe that the opposite of “Anxiety” is not the elimination of symptoms; its gaining acceptance of the anxious feeling, understanding the skills to change and taking initiative toward a goal. Evidence shows that learning, practicing and growing toward mastery of what we are calling “tactical skills” will give them the tools to regulate themselves across 5 challenge areas and move toward social and emotional thriving.

  • Mindful Action Skills:  decreases identity confusion, feelings of emptiness, and emotion dysregulation 
  • Distress Tolerance Skills:  decreases impulsive behavior, suicide threats, and self-injury behaviors
  • Emotion Regulation Skills:  helps adolescents effectively cope with anger, fear, shame and sadness 
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills:  decreases interpersonal chaos and feeling of abandonment. they are skills that are used to ask for effectively, to set boundaries, and to say "no" effectively 
  • Flexible Thinking & Value Clarification Skills:  develops a Growth Mindset while guiding action around connecting, giving, being active, challenging oneself

Our goal is to provide an excellent program with clinically proven techniques in a safe, confidential and engaging environment for your adolescent. Our program structure and how we go about training these evidence-based skills is the well-researched and developmentally appropriate S.A.F.E. Approach:

  • Sequenced: connect and coordinate sets of activities to foster skills development. 
  • Active: use active forms of learning to help adolescents master new skills. A self-directed, holistic, real-world approach to learning has proven to provide the best chance for learners to develop, use and generalize all the tactical skills.  
  • Focused: emphasize the development of personal and social skills. 
  • Explicit: target specific social and emotional skills.

The 2tents IOP is approximately five weeks every Monday through Thursday afternoons from 2-5 PM. We fully understand that this program will not be for everyone, but our expectation is that young people entering the IOP will be learning (and working hard at learning) a new set of skills and will need some margin in their lives to allow that to happen. We've spoken with some schools and they seem prepared to work with you to figure out what is best for your child.

This work will need to involve the whole family and, as parents, you will be expected to join your young person each Thursday afternoon from 3:30-5:00 PM where your young person’s treatment goal will be to teach you one of the skills they are developing. This blends strong clinical evidence around family involvement and learning research that confirms the most effective learning occurs when we teach something to others.

While in the IOP your young person is expected to continue seeing their individual therapist weekly. We will work closely with your therapist, school and other treatment team members during your time in the IOP to best assist the change process. If you do not have a therapist, we are happy to assist you in finding a therapist that meets your adolescent's and family’s needs.

The Anxiety Center at Renew has contracts (is “in network”) with New Directions (Blue Cross/Blue Shield), Cigna, Aetna, and Optum Health/UBH and has been extremely successful at working with other companies to get single-case agreements written (this allows you to utilize benefits even when we aren’t currently part of their network). More information on the program can be found at Please feel free to look at it and let me know if you have any questions.

To start the program, you would need to:

  1. Fill out the 2tents Eligibility Form online and come in for a free confidential assessment/orientation with Katie Frits, MS, LPC, 2tents Clinical Intake Specialist.
  2. All our insurance contracts require 1) seeing an individual or family therapist weekly and 2) be seen by a psychiatrist/nurse practitioner within a week of starting the program. (This is recommended, but not required for self-pay)
  3. If you do not have or cannot get an appointment with your psychiatrist within the time frame, we partner with Dr. James Seagraves works directly with The Anxiety Center’s Team to meet this criterion. This is billed separately than our IOP program.

We look forward walking along side you and your adolescent on their journey to competence and confidence!


Katie Frits MS, LPC, NCC
2tents Clinical Intake Specialist & Clinician
913.768-6606 ext 5