Designed to support all anxiety disorders, the short-term intensive program strives to teach patients to accept anxiety, choose to move beyond it and take action using evidence-based treatments listed below.  Psychopharmacological consultation and referral to community partners for Psychological testing as needed.


Exposure & Response Prevention

A treatment method available for a variety of anxiety disorders, especially Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). The method is based on the notion that a therapeutic effect is achieved as clients confront their fears and discontinue their escape response. An example would be of a person who fears touching door knobs. The person would carry out a program or exposure to their feared stimulus (touching a doorknob) while refusing to engage in any safety behaviors (e.g., hand washing). Exposure therapy for phobia operates in much the same way as ERP by exposing the individual to the feared object until symptom reduction is achieved.


Program Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursdays 5:30-8:30pm

5:30 Mindfulness- Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and ACT
5:45-6:30 Check-in - Review Homework from Outside of Group implementing ERP, DBT and/or ACT
6:30-7:15 Education Group - Learn the 6 Core Components of ACT
7:15-7:30 Break
7:30-8:10 Skills Group - Practicing Applying ACT to your life
8:10-8:30 Challenge Group - Create homework assignments in service to your values


This daily group enables patients to talk about your previous evening’s events, how you are feeling and review progress on treatment assignments. This group also sets the tone for the day by helping you set daily treatment goals. A mindfulness exercise will be used daily to help you practice attending to the present moment.

Education and Skills Group

These groups cover a wide variety of topics meant to increase your coping skills, practice what you learn and enhance your recovery.




Wrap-Up Group

This is the last group of the day. During this group you will review your daily treatment goals and identify coping skills to utilize throughout the evening and the following day. This group will also help clarify your homework assignment for the day.

Weekend Planning

This group helps you plan for and identify specific goals to accomplish over the weekend. Planning and implementing healthy behaviors while you are away from the structure and support of the program is an important aspect of the recovery process.

Client Advice...

You should absolutely go. It’s amazing the skill/tools one can learn while building a foundation for your mental wellness.

~ Jessica

I think that the program is great and very helpful. I would recommend it to anyone that are struggling with her anxiety and then skills to deal with it.

~ Piper

I would say keep an open mind. Group therapy in itself can be scary and intimidating, but this has honestly been the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. Keep perspective on the situation as well, what is six weeks versus a full lifetime of skills and healthy coping mechanisms you can use to take back control of your life. The structure the program brings helps wonders as well. I’m going to miss the ladies of Renew, both in group in those teaching group.

~ Nikki

I was immobilized with anxiety. I was hesitant but decided to attend. While my anxiety isn't gone, I have tools to deal with the pain it was causing me.

~ Tina

Do it! Don’t wait-start now. If you struggle with anxiety, this program is for you. You’ll get so much out of it, and maybe even make a few friends. I’ll be able to apply the coping skills I learned in this program for the rest of my life. I plan to continue with the aftercare group to help reinforce and practice the skills. I’ve learned so I do not become a “master of my emotions.” (Or at least I try)

~ Angie

I would tell them to know that in time, thought processes can change so to keep practicing skills.

~ Bernadette

Do it! Anyone struggling with anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, etc should invest in this program. The instructors are very compassionate, supportive and incredibly knowledgeable! This was a life saving and life changing experience for me.

~ Amanda

Have patience with yourself as you go through this program. The first couple days of group are really tough but power through. Everyone as felt that way, but after a few sessions sharing becomes easier and it is helpful to talk through your issues.

~ Anonymous

I’ve been to other mental health IOPs and feel this was the best one for me yet. I have learned skills I can use life long. I encourage you to take a step out of your comfort zone and do it! It is a life changing program.

~ Anonymous

The Adult Intensive surrounds you with a Multi-Disciplinary Team made up of:

  • You: Yes, this means you! You are the expert of your life, experiences, thoughts and feelings. It is imperative that you participate fully in the treatment planning and process.
  • Psychiatrist: during the psychiatric assessment and ongoing consultations, Dr. Moses Ambilichu, M.D. will assess your mood, treatment goals, and possible benefits of medication.  If you already see a psychiatrist, you will return to him/her upon completion of the program.
  • Clinical Therapist: In addition to the scheduled groups, you will need to attend weekly individual and/or family therapy with your clinical therapist.  You may choose if you would like to see an Acceptance and Commitment Therapist at the Renew Anxiety Program or your individual therapist outside of the program.
  • Contact Person:  You will be assigned a therapist at the Anxiety Center to check in with regularly regarding any questions you have while in the program.

Kori Hintz-Bohn

Founder & Executive Director

She currently oversees Renew and leads various groups in the Intensive Outpatient Program.

Full Profile

Jamie Harris

Jamie offers a powerful combination of evidence-based technique and a nurturing presence in both her private practice and leading groups in the IOP.

Full Profile

Anna Dietz-Henk

Anna has worked extensively with various forms of anxiety, including generalized anxiety and panic disorder, along with depression, bipolar disorder, life transition, and struggles with change, loss, and stress.

Donmoise PIC CILENTO (1)

Moses Tabe Ambilichu, MD

Dr. Moses Ambilichu, MD see's patients at Renew once a week.  He is also available those who are in the IOP.  For an appointment, please call him at (888) 410-5230 or go to Success Health System to learn more about his services.

DSC_8182 (3)

Melissa Umscheid

Community Relations Liaison

She currently oversees marketing for the Adult and Adolescent IOPs.

In addition to scheduled groups:

While attending IOP, you will need to attend weekly individual and/or family therapy with your clinical therapist.  At the conclusion of your time in IOP, Renew will offer a weekly outpatient ACT group to assist you as you continue your outpatient care with your therapist.

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